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We have a new branding! For our Spanish speaking customers, we are changing our name from Destino Malasia to...

We will shortly update this website for our English speaking customers in Malaysia!

We seek to revive interest in the beauty and spirit of Malaya. But what is the Malayan spirit? It is ultimately one of exploration and adventure, a sense of discovery that all things are possible. This spirit is wholesomely captured in the lakes and waterfalls, mountains and valleys, rugged terrain and most importantly, the people of Malaya that you will meet firsthand.

Malayan Safaris was started and run by a small group of friends who are passionate outdoor and Land-Rover enthusiasts. From the outset we decided to keep our tours small and exclusive, and most importantly, SPECIAL.

Over the years we have grown into a fully licensed tour operator by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, and have built an enviable reputation as the 4x4 event organiser of choice for clients around the world.

Yet, one thing remains constant, our total passion in what we do.

Be prepared for the ride
of your life!

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